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Frequently Asked Questions - General Inquiries

FAQs - General Inquiries

Paid parking has been implemented on the Mainstreet in Oranjestad and noted with white registration numbers. The yellow lined parking spaces are for employees only and are not available for regular parking. 

The Tariffs

The tariffs are in Aruban Florins but you can also pay with American dollars:

  • 30 min: 1 AWG=$0.55
  • 90 min: 2 AWG=$1.15
  • +90 min: AWG 0.50 cents for every additional 15 minute = $0.30 

Walking around with coins is a hassle, so good thing you can also purchase a rechargeable SmartCard. The SmartCards are sold at most hotel gift shops and car rental companies and can be recharged at any Aruparking/Arubus recharging stations. 


  • In case your vehicle got clammed due to not paying for your parking space of surpassing the paid time, you will need to pay AWG 75,-.
  • After 3 hours of unpaid parking, a tow truck will transport your vehicle, and the additional AWG 150, - will be charged to you.
  • You can pay your parking fines at the Aruparking office:

Going home to raoming and other penalties from your phone provider can be very costly. 

Once in Aruba buy a sim card from Digicel or Setar for approximately $20. Purchase a data plan separately. 

Change your APN (Access Point Name) settings for better internet connection

  1. (for Digicel) APN Name: Digicel – APN: web.digicelaruba.com 
  2. (for Setar) APN Name: setarinternet – APN: internet.setar.aw

Tips To Save Money On Your Current Phone

  • Turn off your mobile data 
  • Turn on your WiFi
  • Put your device in airplane mode.

Aruba is dotted with WiFi hot-spots. You can make a phone call if you need via Skype, What’s App, Facebook Messenger and all other calling apps over WiFi.